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Quality 5" Gauge points

for your garden railway.

I provide a personal service to undertake the building of your points using 16 or 21mm

aluminium rail to your requirements.

Points can be made between 10ft and 30ft radius including Y points.

The 16mm rail used is fully compatible with Maxitrak and PNP railway systems,

the points can usually be made within 3-4 weeks from confirmation of order 

and are fully built and ready to lay.

All points are trailable and include the following:

  • Standard points include 50x25mm or 38x25mm Tanalised and stained timber sleepers.

  • 50x25mm or 38x22mm recycled plastic sleepers available at additional cost.

  • Machined point blades and check rails.

  • Stainless steel slide pads and tie bar on point blades

  • Laser cut STEEL crossover frog.

  • Painted steel point lever.

  • Pre assembled and adjusted lever mechanism.

    Please see Gallery for prices.

 Points Information

20ft Radius.jpg
12ft radius point
 30ft radius point
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