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Hello and welcome to 

My name is Barry, I have been a railway enthusiast ever since I can remember.
As a child I would hang on the fence at our local coal sidings and watch as they shunted the coal trucks, then take the empties away.
The changing of the points in that siding always fascinated me, and the memory has stayed with me to this day.

Since my early teens, model engineering has been my hobby, and it was this, that introduced me to a well known local company that produce 5" and 7.25" railway items and equipment where I worked for about 12 years.

Unfortunately, due to the advent of the covid pandemic, this came to an end in March of last year when it became impossible to social distance in the small workshop and I found myself, like many other people sitting at home.
Not wanting to give up my passion for railways, I decided the way forward would be to produce my own, no nonsense, good value for money products from my own, here we are.

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