Sorry, I do not supply  points in kit form.
16ft points.jpg


                Standard 5" gauge point
                     and Y point prices.

                              16mm rail             21mm rail
     10ft radius        
            to                £370.00                  £390.00
     14ft radius

     15ft radius
            to                £390.00                  £410.00
     18ft radius

     20ft radius        £410.00                 £430.00
     25ft radius        £430.00                 £450.00
     30ft radius        £450.00                 £470.00

   5"/3.5" dual gauge points also built to order in
   16 and 21mm rail
   (15ft radius or larger)  

   Please e:mail for quote.


   7.25" points and Y points also made using 16 or     21mm aluminium rail, please contact me for a price.

  All points are completely built
  and ready to lay, the price includes
  a painted point lever.

  Painted Point levers are also available separately,
  These have a 15 mm throw and are easily fitted.  
                                 £38 each.

  Stainless steel tie bar and point control rod kit.
                                 £22 each. 
 As a small business I am not VAT registered
 so the price you see, is the price you pay, plus shipping.

Payment can be made by Cheque, Bank transfer
or Paypal, please contact me for details.