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MyPointworks .com

 Quality 5" Gauge Points
Built to order


Phone: 07305 811687

Made in the United Kingdom
20ft Radius.jpg

Points and crossings built to suit you using 16 or 21mm aluminium rail.


 All points include a steel frog for

longevity and give a more realistic appearance to the point.

With sensible prices and sensible delivery times.

(Normally 3-4 weeks from order)


16ft points.jpg

  Point are available from

10ft to 30ft radius including

Y points.

All points include a painted

point lever

and are set up ready to lay.

Efficient friendly service.


  Also Made to order
 Weatherproof, self adhesive
vinyl Nameplates,
numbers and lettering, range of colours including silver and gold.

Customer's unequal 7.25_ Y Point in use_
Steel cross.jpg
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